A downloadable game for Windows

Howdy! This is my first real game that I'm making. I can't promise that you'll like it but I would really appreciate it if you do check it out.

So I like a couple of little games called UNDERTALE and OFF, this game was born from them. It's not a fangame of any sort but it has tons of inspiration from these games.

It's made with RPG Maker MV so if RPG Maker games aren't your fancy that's fine just don't hate on only because it's made on this engine.

If you own any of the music in this game and wish for it to be taken out of this game then please, tell me so I can fix it. 


The Judge.zip 162 MB


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Hi, I attempted to play this game and ran into a few issues that made progressing impossible.

First, if you decide not to purify the snowman, you cannot continue. You have to restart the game in order to purify it. 

Second, if you do purify the snowman, eventually, img/animations/StateDown1.png will fail to load, and you cannot continue the fight.

This looks like it has a lot of potential and I am excited to play, but I literally cannot progress. If you can fix it, that'd be wonderful! If not, it was still interesting to play as far as I got. Thanks for putting the time in to make the game!